Facing life’s challenges and becoming a better YOU!

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    • Pockets of Insight is a book about perspectives. Among its pages are a mixture of unusual observations and distinctive pronouncements from a number of notable men and women, whose contributions were assembled and blended together into a series of light, engaging narratives.


      The material crosses borders, warms the heart and leaves a sweet scent at the end of each chapter. Subjects cover Work, Religion, Family, Politics and matters that affect our emotional health...


A Book About Life, Living and Becoming a Better YOU!

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I am a retired Credit and Collections professional living in New York City. Most of my 27-year career was spent building and maintaining collaborative work relationships with customers and business partners. Since I am a first-time writer, my only notable writing contributions were snippets I posted on my LinkedIn page.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting bookstores and would occasionally purchase books on personnel management as well as literature with proverbial themes. At that time, my library collection was more about accumulating knowledge than a utilization of that knowledge. Too many of my purchases were casually thumbed through, and then shelved.

During my early retirement days, I became acutely aware that a number of wonderful things I had read and learned during my lifetime were now a vague memory … and that bothered me. I resolved to do something about it. As a first step, I began to read all the books I originally bought but never read, but with one twist. This time around, I made copious notes of all those ideas and thoughts I considered dynamic and consequential. Over the years and with additional purchases my curated collection grew so large, there was enough material to fill a book.


Unfortunately, my compilation of notes and clippings had no structure or plot behind them. I decided to consolidate ideas and thoughts that shared the same conceptual themes and built topical headlines around them. By introducing a pinch of humor into the mix and sketching my writing as if I were communicating informally before friends and family, Pockets of Insight obtained its identity, i.e., a piece of writing capable of teaching, touching, and tickling too.

What is Pockets of Insight about?

How would you like to ‘borrow’ the thoughts and ideas of hundreds of insightful men and women (past and present) and witness life through their unique lens?

Pockets of Insight was written as a tribute and in recognition of the perceptive remarks of writers, philosophers and ordinary citizens who wanted to share their understanding of human nature with those around them. It’s 91 different topics is capable of teaching, touching, and tickling too. You will find snippets on the workplace, religion, politics, relationships, sickness, and many social issues.

  • Every path has its puddle. This book tells you where some of them are and sometimes suggestions on how you may go about avoiding them.

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